Best Dog Food: A 2018 Complete Guide

The first thing to express the love with your dog should be knowing what the best dog food is because not all dog foods available on the market suit with your lovely pet. In the severe cases, some of them can cause a few signs of the health problem.

To pick up the best dog food, you need to consider several features including your specific breed and its health condition.

This post covers a lot of aspects related to dog food. Once you determine the ingredients in each product and what your dog can and can't eat, you will know what form of dog food you should buy and how to treat the conditions of unexpected allergies timely. Are you ready to go deeper into the world of the best dog food?

What nutrition basics your dog needs to consume?

No matter what forms you prepare for your dog: buying the packed products in the store or cooking the homemade meals at home, you have to make sure that there are enough the nutrients. So, what nutrition basics your dog needs to consume? Here are six nutrients you must keep in mind: water, healthy fat, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein


Water content is especially important because it supports and functions many things in the body such as regulating the body temperature, lubricating the body tissues, and working as a fluid medium for the blood and lymph systems of your dog.

Consider the exterior elements to determine the water intake your dog needs: how many times a day the dog is thirst and hunger, or the environment in where you live: humidity or temperature, and its metabolic activity from growth, lactation, gestation, and work.

The simplest and most effective way to provide water for the body of your dog is to let it drink. However, you can also feed it some kinds of foods containing water content. In the respiration, urine and feces process, water will be lost gradually. The general rule to provide water for your dog is one kcal of energy = one ml of water.

Pay attention that if you own a nursing dog, the amount of water it needs is higher than others to produce more milk. Giving too much or less the water amount than what it should consume can lead to adverse effects.


Consuming calories is to provide extra energy for your dog. A calorie can increase the temperature of one gram of water from 14.5OC to 15.5OC. Calo (C) expresses the energy amount in one kilocalorie of food.


This is also a necessary nutrient to help the functions in the body of your dog work well such as the immune functions, transporting oxygen in the blood, enzymes, tissue repair and muscle growth, the maintenance of fur and hair. Besides, it's also considered as a good source of energy.


The sources of carbohydrate usually include insoluble fiber, starches, and sugar. Dogs can easily digest and absorb the simple sugars- the smallest carbohydrate molecules. The complex carbohydrate or starches are formed and combined with the long chains of simple sugars which requires your dog digest more before absorbing. Meanwhile, dogs and cats can't easily digest carbohydrates like insoluble fibers.

When choosing the best dog food product, you can consider the dietary carbohydrates with grains (rice, corn, wheat...). The whole grains can furnish fiber, minerals, iron and other beneficial nutrients. Moreover, carbohydrates in vegetables and fruit are also a good supplement of some kinds of protein, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals.

The transformation of carbohydrate into a simple sugar is in the small intestine where the complex compound is broken down into glucose. A lot of glucose creates a normal source of energy for the majority of cell in your dog's body.

If you provide your dog more energy than its need, the excess carbohydrate in the form of glycogen is stored in the muscles and liver or is converted to fat in adipose tissues. When it's fasting, stressful or doing exercise longer, glycogen will be broken down into glucose to deliver to your dog's bloodstream and distribute to all its tissues. Generally, the main function of carbohydrates is to offer more energy.


Compared to protein and carbohydrate, fat is another form of energy, but its amount is higher than around 2.25 times per gram. Although it's more complicated to digest fat, a dog with good health can deal with fat efficiently about 90-95%.

Apart from an energy source, fat is considered as essential fatty acids. If your dog is in trouble with its skin and hair coat or the normal immune function, you should consider adding the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that are known the effectiveness of other health problems.


Minerals are more straightforward than other large and complex nutrients. The nutritional values of minerals in the diet include the proper balance and the bioavailability of minerals in the best dog food.

They play an essential role in the different functions: the formation of bone and cartilage, hormones production, the normal function of muscle and nerve, the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream, maintenance of fluid balance, and enzymatic reactions.

You had better plan a balanced diet with at least one supplementation of mineral. If not, your dog can be imbalanced and disrupted the nutritional health. There are 2 types of minerals: macro-minerals and micro-minerals. And the macro-minerals reach the larger amount than micro-minerals in the body. Macro-minerals include Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Chloride (Cl), Sodium (Na), Phosphorus (P), and Calcium (Ca). Meanwhile, micro-minerals include Iodine (I), Selenium (Se), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe).


The best source of vitamins is fresh and wholesome foods. Vitamins are the complex substances, so the requirement is only the small amount. There are 2 kinds: the fat-soluble Vitamins (A, D, E, K) and the water-soluble Vitamins (B, and C). Like other nutrients, Vitamins are combined to nourish your dog's body.

The forms of the best dog food

On the market, there are 2 main kinds of dog foods: canned (wet) dog food, and dry dog food:

Canned (wet) dog food

Water is an essential source to keep your dog healthy, but not all pets love the taste of water. If your dog is one of them, you can consider wet dog food as an excellent source of hydration (containing 70-85% water and mixed with the "dry" ingredients). However, depending on the health condition of each dog, you can choose a practical wet food.

Normally, the wet dog food is rich in protein and fat (animals derivatives, meat, and meat meal) to offer more energy and components for your dog's metabolism, make muscles stronger, skin and hair better

This kind of food suits dogs with a small mouth, poorly aligned jaws, and missing teeth. But, in the event of your choice of wet dog food, you may focus some drawbacks. For example, it can make a mess after eating. Wet foods can quickly lead to a dental problem that needs your more attentive care. The shelf life of the opened wet food is not long in the room temperature, requiring you buy the small amounts at a time and need to cover and putting the remains in your fridge before spoiling. The wet dog food is more expensive than the dry dog food, so in some cases, this is not an economical option.

Dry dog food

The sizes and types of dry dog food vary, so there is always the best one for your dog. Some chewable dry foods are specially formulated for the dental health problem that means they can clean your dog's teeth.

Whether considering in storage or feeding aspect, dry kibble dog food is also the most convenient kind. After opening the package, you can leave it out without worrying about the spoilage. Easy storage is also a benefit of dry food. Naturally, place in a big plastic bin with a tight cover, it is protected away from rodents and insects freshly and safely. Moreover, it won't hurt your wallet.

However, dry food doesn't contain water as much as wet food (only about 11%), so you need to consider carefully when feeding old and ill dogs or if where you live comes with the hot climate.

Best dog food brands

To keep your dog healthy always, you should make the smart option of 5-star dog food. And the following brands can minimize your choices on the market

The Hill's Science Diet has operated since the 1930s and is in the top of the list of the dog food brands because it's forerunner in the quality control of the nutrition standards under AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Since 2007, the Hill's Science Diet company has chosen the source of the raw ingredients from North America for their recipes. And the manufacturer is put in the US only.

Midwestern Pet Food Inc company in Indiana is the manufacturer of Earth born Holistic. This is the oldest company with 4 generations. Now, their manufacturing facility of the dry foods is in Monmouth Illinois. The producers from the US take responsibility for providing ingredients. Generally, the product line of EarthBorn Holistic includes 10 dog diets, 6 grain free kibbles, and 4 stews with gravy. Midwestern Pet Food Inc company both produces and penetrate dog food market

Most of vets recommend Taste of the Wild for their patients as this product is famous for the great ingredients and uncommon sources of protein. This is considered as the best choice for those who are looking for natural ingredients. Although in 2012, the company is in the trouble of salmonella problem, it was resolved and addressed quickly and carefully. You can find out 2 choices of dry dog foods and wet dog foods with several different flavors from Taste of the Wild. Moreover, this company also commonly uses egg in their recipes to keep dogs a healthy and luxurious coat.

The recipes of Blue Bufallo contain a significant amount of protein. What's more, the Blue Bufallo Dog Food is added LifeSource Bits (sizeable pieces of dog food) which are cold formed to ensure the processing of kibble in the high temperature doesn't damage their nutritional value. Though the recipes include caramel and carrageenan which are controversial ingredients, on the market, Blue Buffallo is still a high-quality dog food product on the market.

The source of the organic foods to produce Castor & Pollux dog foods is from the US where most of pet owners trust. Their canned diets are produced similar to the taste and look of the home cooked stew kind of meals. it's recommended by many vets and gets the excellent response from their dog owners.

In 1970, Wellness was operated as a small family company. After a lot of effort, now, it has developed into one of the best dog food brands on the competitive market. Perhaps, that's because they can overcome a big challenge of all dog food brands nowadays that is to use the high-quality ingredients in place of something can cause allergies. As a result, Wellness dog foods become one of the priciest product on the market.

In North America, Purina ProPlan is one of the oldest dog food companies with the good products and fantastic price. In the 8 decades of operation, they performed many nutritional research to apply on their products.

Honest Kitchen provides your dog a healthy balanced freeze-dried diets including the following ingredients: low-allergen duck and whole grains such as fish and quinoa. And this company is developing their product better and better.

Ingredients used in Holistic Select dog foods are easy to digest including natural fiber and probiotics like digestive enzymes. The quality of their products are approved by AAFCO. The single protein source of chicken can cause allergy for some of the dogs so now, the manufacturer replace an usual and safe grain source of potato. However, they still ensure an all-round complete nutrition.

Natural Balance dog foods are products of Dick Van Patten. They are the healthy grain free options for dogs. You can choose any forms of dry or wet dog foods. Recently, the top ingredient of the chicken formula is reformulated with the real chicken in place of sweet potato as in the past.

Orijen is an option of the human-grade food traceability. The source of the raw ingredients to produce Orijen dog food is from Canada only. On their website, you can easily find out the information about where the ingredients derive from meats, fruits or vegetables. The manufacturing process of Orijen makes sure meeting the AAFCO and most of the dogs will love the taste.

On the market, Stella and Chewy's is one of the favorite dog food brands of most of the owners. Apart from the source of raw protein as the first ingredient, the manufacturer freezes fried dog foods to keep them in the best condition. Furthermore, all their dog foods are produced in the USA. In this place, the producing process is cared in details to result in the high-quality products without preservatives and colors.

This is another popular brand on the market. To make sure all dog users healthy when consuming Nature's Variety dog food, the producer added vitamin, minerals, Omega 3, and Omega 6, not additions (flavorings, and artificial preservatives) for the high-quality dog foods. Moreover, it's rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Rachel Ray Nutrish dog foods include filler-free and grain-free ingredients. At the same time, they are high in animal fat and very low in corn meal. The manufacturer is put in Thailand and their products are compliant FDA. In particular, it's one of few dog food brands that doesn't source from the Chinese ingredients without poultry products and artificial preservatives. Instead, their recipes are formulated from real meat, wholesome vegetables as well as some essential nutrients.

Fromm dog foods are made in the USA and this brand has 2 producing facilities in Wisconsin. Keeping healthy and safe dogs is always the top priority of Fromm. Thus, this purpose makes these products become the priciest ones even some of them can reach $100. To control the quality of each shipment, the manufacturer packs dog foods into small batches. No matter what breed your dog is or its size and age, Fromm dog food can provide your dog a balanced diet to make sure the optimum quality.

Nutro Ultra is a combination of the natural ingredients which the majority of owners are looking for. This brand suits for both puppies and adult dogs. Nutro Ultra is grain-free dog food but some of them with grains are less to cause allergy such as oats and brown rice.

Dr. Harvey's brand has exited for over 30 years. The company aims the fresh, natural diets only and dog foods with 100% human grade. At the same time, they avoid colors and flavors but make sure your dog still has enough nutrients. The manufacturer is located in the USA where is famous for the high-quality products.

In 1969, Paul Iams has found Eukanuba with the purpose of providing the high-quality dog food recipes. Until now, the company has manufactured 17 different products of dog foods based on the specific breed dogs and the health problems such as skin allergy, weight control, and sensitive stomach.

At the beginning stage, Canidae was a family owned company and until now, it has operated for 20 years. After a lot of effort, their dog food production has a significant progress especially the grain-free products. Because their recipes exceed AAFCO requirements, Canidae becomes a special brand on the market.

As the name suggests, AvoDerm means their ingredients derive from Avocado. That's why most of their dog users are improved the coat health. AvoDerm has 2 options of wet and dry dog foods with 2 different flavors. This is an ideal brand for the grain-free diets.

On the market, Nulo Freestyle is a new option of dog food brand but it's known as an extremely nutritious product line. The ingredient list doesn't include chicken that can cause allergy for most of the dogs. In place of using white potatoes, tapioca, 81% protein ingredient is from the animal source. The great information is that Nulo Freestyle dog foods are manufactured in the USA.

How to choose the best dog food for specific dog breeds?

On the current market, the manufacturers have produced a variety of the best dog food products to satisfy each specific dog breed and dogs with the health problems. Therefore, you should consider the condition of your dog to have the most appropriate choice:

For senior dogs

Due to the weak gastrointestinal health of the senior dogs, you should choose the best dog food which is high in fiber. At the same time, their decreased metabolic rate makes the digestion not work well on the diets with too many calories and proteins.

Besides, when it comes to senior dogs, wet dog food is considered as the best option. If you want to buy dry foods, they had better include some following supplements such as chondroitin, glucosamine, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Specifically, according to numerous studies, glucosamine and chondroitin are famous for the ability to improve joint health problems which most of the old dogs get.

Antioxidants are useful and effective to support for the treatment of degenerative conditions such as heart disease and arthritis problems. In particular, they play an essential role to keep the immune system healthy. According to a study in 2012, an antioxidant-fortified diet can help your senior dog improve the cognitive performance.

Check the information on the labels, it will let you know the ingredients with specialized formulations for senior dogs.

Pay attention whether you purchase dry dog food, soft dog food or wet dog food, make sure they do not include alternative protein sources like chicken by-products which are an inferior nutrition source, quickly leading to upsetting the delicate digestive system. Some others are in this list include gluten, wheat, corn, and soybeans. These are hard to digest for senior dogs even they can end up allergy

NUTRO ULTRA Wet dog food is made from the carefully selected natural ingredients so your dog is provided a nutritious, balanced diet, strengthening the immune system and supporting the digestion. Besides, it can improve your dog's coat, skin and fur health.

The ingredient list of NUTRO ULTRA include 4 sources of protein and a unique combination of 14 superfoods such as omega fatty acids and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.). In general, all of them are free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, non-GMOs. even it's free of chicken by-products, soy and corn also. The senior dogs usually have sensitivities so this is an ideal choice due to not including wheat gluten

This recipe makes sure providing enough essential nutrients for your dog thanks to the natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and others. The first ingredient is the real chicken. It's not only easy-to-digest but also free-grain and free-gluten. The combination of sweet potato and lentils with the natural beet pulp can support your dog's digestive health. Meanwhile, because of the blend of biotin, zinc, and vitamins, skin is improved healthier and the coat is shinier. In particular, the Nutro Grain Free recipe doesn't include preservatives, flavours, and colours.

Apart from a high-quality product with easy-to-digest ingredients and good taste, powerful antioxidants in Hill's Science keeps the brain of your dog healthy to support for the interacted activities between the members in your family and your dog. The combination of L-carnitine, phytonutrients, and Protein provides your dog a significant source to move when joining the activities and enthusiasm in playing. Vitamin C and E strengthen the immune system. If your dog is in trouble with hair and coat, the essential fatty acids can improve them shinier and softer.

For puppies

Puppies are in the growth process even most of them love playing, so they need more calories than the adult dogs. Half of the calories amount in the body is used to develop the tissues. Besides, you also have to ensure there are enough nutrients in the puppy dog food you choose to help your dog's development in the proper way.

The size of puppies also influences how to pick up the best dog food product. For example, the big-sized puppies need a specific amount of calcium and phosphorus to develop their bones properly and prevent joint disease.

Remember to check the ingredients on the label. For instance, the essential fatty acid DHA is helpful for the nervous system of your puppy. The puppy diet had better include this acid DHA kind more than adult dogs because puppies are in the development of the eye, ear, and brain. It's also very useful for the increased memory and trainability, leading to a smarter dog.

The first ingredient is the real chicken mixed with the special blend of the high-quality protein source, making the muscles stronger and the heart healthier. The Omega-6 content in Purina One SmartBlend keeps your dog's healthy skin and radiant coat. Meanwhile, Calcium and phosphorus ingredients maintain a strong development of bones and joints. Puppies usually come with a delicate stomach so rice and oat meal with other easily digestible nutrition in this dry dog food can improve that problem

Purina Pro Plan is made from a high-quality source of protein that's real chicken as the first ingredient. This formula is high in antioxidant that is a great support for the development of immune system. At the same time, the growth of brain and vision is nourished better and better by DHA from omega-rich fish oil. The ingredient list includes phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals to strengthen the system of teeth and bones

Nutro WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS is high in nutrients with the different flavors so it suits with the special needs of many dog breeds. For example, DHA from Omega-3 Fatty Acids promotes the healthy growth of your dog. The ingredient list just includes the first ingredient - real lamb and the natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals without preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. The suppliers of ingredients are the trusted farmers with the high-quality sources without chicken by-product meal, no wheat, corn and soy protein. Asides from the support of the healthy coat, skin and fur, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients strengthen the immune system, support the digestion.

For hunting dogs

Most of the hunting dogs need a lot of energy to work. Thus, you had better purchase the nutrient-dense dog food with rich-fat content. Nutrients include carbohydrate, protein, fat.

Carbohydrate offers energy for working by raising the blood sugar. Meanwhile, protein supports the stronger development muscles and maintains the metabolism as well as increases the resilient feature to move on all terrain kinds without causing injuries. Finally, fat is also an energy source to optimize the performance. If you let your dog hunt in the cold season or cross a cold lake, adding fat is very important to make a thicker coat.

Vitamins, water, and minerals are also very essential for the chemical reaction of your dog. They improve the digestion and metabolism process. Therefore, when choosing the best dog food, you should ensure there are Vitamin A, B, D, E, K, phosphorous and calcium in the ingredient list.

This is a 30/20 protein-fat recipe that meas its ingredients mainly include oatmeal, whole brown rice, and chicken meal without the harmful ingredients such as additives and fillers. NUTRO can keep your hunting dog in the perfect look: a shiny and healthy coat with a strong system of bones and joints. However, this is one of the pricey products on the market.

This formula is rich in natural protein so Solid Gold can meet a holistic growth no matter how your dog is big. However, it can still make sure your dog's good gastrointestinal health thanks to the low carbohydrates and calories in control. Moreover, the product is both healthy and easy-to-digest. Consuming Solid Gold dry dog food is also a way to protect your dog's immune system as well as its skin and coat because of Omega 3 and 6 classes of fatty acids.

Hunting dogs need a lot of energy. The combination of 26% protein and 16% fat creates a complete level of nutrition for the all-sized hunting dogs with any activity levels. Compared to other products, it has a very small drawback that is it includes some artificial ingredients and grain. However, this is a perfect choice for those who don't want to spend a large amount of money on foods for your dog.

For pregnant dogs

The most important thing is that you have to ensure the best dog food product you choose has passed an AAFCO test. Within first 4 weeks of pregnancy, you can feed your dog a high-quality commercial dog food since these usually contain all essential nutrients with the right ratios. Also, you had better avoid the homemade foods because their nutrients unbalance.

During the 5th-6th week of pregnancy, switch to a high-quality puppy food product as in this period, your pregnant dog needs a higher nutritional demand. At the same time, don't forget to increase the amount of food by 20-25%. Even your pregnant dog is a big-breed dog, I don't highly recommend you feed a big-breed dog or big-breed puppy foods because the energy and calcium ingredients don't have enough.

During the 8th-9th week of pregnancy, your dog needs to eat 50% amount of food more than usual. On the pregnancy, the dog can't consume a big amount of food in one meal, so you need to divide the food amount into several small meals.

Refer to your vet before feeding foods with meats, minerals, vitamins, and calcium that can influence the internal ability of your dog to regular even damage its life. Meanwhile, adding meat can make your dog eat fewer carbohydrates and reduce the energy intake.

This grain-free formula is a source of highly-digestible energy from sweet potatoes and peas especially novel proteins (venison, beef, and roasted bison). Besides, there is the anti-oxidant ingredients from fruits and vegetables, and healthy probiotics like lactobacillus acidophilus. The dried chicory root keeps your pregnant dog's digestion healthy. When these mixed with amino acids and essential minerals creates a healthy and balanced nutrition that's essential and important for a pregnant dog. Not only ensure a nutritional diet, but the Taste of the Wild Canine Formula also keeps your dog a shiny coat thanks to the omega-3 oils.

Because of the limited ingredients, the risk of intolerance and allergies are significantly minimized. Obviously, this product can meet the nutritious need of a pregnant dog that's a rich source of protein and carbohydrate and the flavor option also varies. If your dog has allergens and gets sensitive stomach, this is an ideal choice. The Omega-3 fatty acids ingrediens from flaxseed nourish your dog's skin and coat healthier and shinier. This grain-free recipe doesn't include artificial flavours and colours.

ORIJEN has a wholesome and nourishing protein source that is made from an optimum and balanced proportion of poultry, whole fish, fresh whole eggs. This meets the special requirements of pregnant dogs and lactating dogs. Compared to other dog foods, the feature of ORIJEN is fresh and raw meats.

In the past, their products are refrigerated without preservatives after that, over time they are flash frozen without preservatives. Until now, ORIJEN dog food is gently freeze-dried. Apart from the limited carbohydrate content, the low-glycemic fresh fruits and vegetables make sure the ease for your dog's digestive system. The botanical ingredients works as builders and tonics to cleanse to the toxic buildup in the internal system of your dog.

Based on the health problems

For dogs with sensitive stomachs

A dog with the sensitive stomachs usually has the following signs: unexpected weight loss or gain, a lot of gas, intermittent vomiting, or occasional loose stool. Although these symptoms don't always show the problem of the sensitive stomach when your dog has one or some of them, it's better to purchase the best dog food with fewer ingredients, and they should be simple.

It's essential to check the ingredients in the best dog food you buy, ensuring to provide the proper nutritional value without leading to the unnecessary pains. There should be protein and carbohydrate - a complex, grain-free source like sweet potatoes. The best dog food for your sensitive stomachs needs to be free of the low-quality fillers ingredients, soy, and corn, for example. It should contain about 15% fat to keep your dog healthy, not too much. I highly recommend you buy something that is rich in fiber such as root vegetables and fruit.

This is a premium ingredient dog food that means you won't find out any problematic ingredients. Veterinarians have formulated the recipe so you can set your mind at rest that vets know what foods are easily digestible for dogs with sensitive stomachs. In place of wheat, corn and soy, the manufacturer uses carbohydrate from brown rice, bran, and barley. The pro-biotics are fortified to make sure the digestive system work effectively.

What's more, the option of CANIDAE helps you remove the transitioning process to other dog foods depending on the different life stages. You can use it for dogs of all ages. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids support your dog keep a healthy coat and joint.

As the name suggest, BLUE Buffalo is a balanced and nutritious diet with the limited ingredients. Thus, it minimizes the risk of sensitivities and allergies of your dogs. Brown rice, potatoes, and oatmeal are the easy-to-digest ingredients for dogs with sensitive stomachs. However, BLUE Basics still makes sure a nutritional diet with vegetables, fruits, and other supplements. Glucosamine and chondroitin help your dog improve the development of joint. Finally, this dog food is manufactured in the USA where is famous for the high-quality products .

Although Hill's Science is formulated for the purpose of the easy digestion, it can still provide a balanced, nutritious diet. The high-value additives minimize the health problems in its stomach. At the same time, the digestive function is also promoted thanks to minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Antioxiants offer the health benefits which have been proven clinically. Because of many fruits and vegetables, flavor varies. The manufacturer provides their customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can get a full refund if your dog doesn't satisfy with that dog food.

For dogs with arthritis

First of all, you have to avoid the things which can cause the excess inflammation such as preservatives, flavorings, artificial colors, corn oil, dairy, simple carbs, salt, and sugar especially the heavily processed food. Moreover, you should cut out grains.

Instead, the dog food for arthritis had better be rich in omega fatty acids to lubricate joints and minimize inflammation. The fish oil and flaxseed oil are sources of omega fatty acids.

Glucosamine and chondroitin can also improve and rebuild cartilage. Next, you should also consider calcium, iron, Vitamin D, and C. Calcium can protect joints away from damage, minimize the risk of arthritis, and improve bones. Meanwhile, vitamin D plays an important role to support the body absorb calcium, vitamin C, connect tissues. Iron can fight against the anemia development.

On the market, Hills J/D Mobility is a top commercial diet that is a prescription food of the vet. Not only Amazon, but a wide range of pet stores also sell these products. This dog food is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and natural sources of chondroitin and glucosamine. For dogs with serious arthritis, this is an ideal adjunctive therapy. The result can come to within at least 21 days.

Apart from the benefits for the joint health, Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Canine Dry Dog Food can help your dog lose weight. According to the manufacturer, it takes at least 21 days for the mobility improvement while your dog needs about 2 months to lose 13% of the total weight.

The ingredients of this over-the-counter product include essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and glucosamine. All of them are a great support for your dog's joint system. It suits the mild and moderate cases of arthritis more than the serve conditions. When it comes to digestion, the high level of the digestible proteins and an adapted fiber content in this recipe can foster the system properly.

For dogs with kidney disease

When it comes to kidney issues, renal failure, for example, Omega 3 fatty acids can keep kidney healthy even reduce inflammation. You should choose the food dog that is high and rich in Vitamin B, C, E to fight this disease and raise the immunity.

Specifically, I highly recommend the low-protein foods for dogs with kidney disease because the high protein amount can cause pressure on their kidneys, leading to work so hard. The right protein level in the prescription diet for the kidney disease should be around 13%-18%.

It's essential to decrease the phosphorus amount because it is a hard-to-process mineral for dogs with the kidney disease. 0.2%-0.5% is an ideal range to help the kidney of the dog function properly.

The all-natural and premium ingredients with digestive enzymes, active probiotics support for your dogs with kidney disease very well. Moreover, it's also easier for weight management, muscle development especially maintaining the energy at the optimum level. Because of the high-quality products, Holistic Select Natural is more expensive than others in the same category.

This recipe is formulated for overweight dogs with the following ingredients: sources of lean meat protein, the selected fruits and vegetables, and essential oils. However, the product still makes sure the balanced nutrition for dogs with kidney health because it works gently on the digestive system while making sure a complete nourishment. The NUTRO is made in the USA so you can feel secure with their quality. The package varies in size under 30 pounds to a can of 12.5 ounces. The ingredient sources of NUTRO are only from Canada and the US but some can come from New Zealand. Asides from the kidney health, it can also solve some other problems such as treating skin allergies and keeping its shiny coat.

Veterinary Diets Purina Veterinary Canine provides a balanced diet for dogs with the kidney disease. There are the following nutrients such as Omega 3, Omega 6, potassium and sodium to bolster the overall health especially the urinary tract. It contains 12% of the crude high-quality protein. This kind of dog food is completed under the effort of the team of Purina nutritionists, veterinarians, and scientists so the nutritious diet can satisfy most of the special health needs.

For dogs with yeast infections

Usually, there are 2 causes of yeast issues: environmental triggers and the diet of your dog. If the problem comes from the diet, you had better pay attention to how to choose the best dog food.

Minimize starch, or it's better to remove it away from the diet because this is a contributor to yeast infection. Breaking down starch in the body will turn into sugar, developing yeast. The common sources of starch are peas, rice, oatmeal, and potatoes.

You should pick up grain-free dog foods. Though grain doesn't directly cause yeast problems, according to some vets and owners, grain and yeast infection have a link.

It's very effortless for dogs with yeast infections to get skin problems and allergies, so a limited ingredient diet is an ideal option.

The hydrolyzed proteins in Purina HA minimizes the risk of the allergic reaction. This is not a cheap product but it's worthy for skin allergies in place of taking your dog to the vet. Purina can boost the skin immunity to make sure the allergies under the control.

PS includes the limited ingredients so the risk of being allergic in dogs is also minimized as low as possible. This recipe contains 90% of lamb organs and lamb meat without grain. Another reason why PS has fewer potential allergen triggers is that it doesn't contain fish, rabbit, turkey, chicken, and beef.

The yeast infection can easily lead to allergies so the manufacturer of Rachael Ray limits their ingredients as low as possible only 6 ones. They include beet pulp, chicken oil, ground rice, brown rice, chicken meal, and lamb without the potential allergens such as gluten, corn, soy and preservatives, artificial flavors. Besides, it's also very effective to improve the skin health.

For dogs with bad breath

The typical treatment of bad breath is brushing but switching to an abrasive kibble dry food is also another effective way to clean the teeth and gums of your dog. On the market, there are some kinds of treats formulated for your dog's teeth and gum to treat bad breath as well.

In case all mentioned methods don't bring effect, that can be an indicator of diabetes or respiratory illness. Thus, you need to check with your vet immediately.

Although Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Health is the top choice of dry dog food for dogs with bad breath, before using, you need the prescription of your vet. That's because this recipe is formulated more different than other dog foods. The Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance has recognized that Hill's Prescription can minimize the buildup of tarter and plaque on the teeth and gums of your dog. In particular, the kibble can cleans its mouth with a gentle abrasion. The antioxidant in this recipe improves your dog's immune system to fight the causes of bad breath.

This is a veterinarian-prescribed diet to strengthen its oral health to fight bad breath. Most of the ingredients of ROYAL CANIN are easy-to-digest because some digestive problems can lead to bad breath. Thanks to the unique design of textured kibble, when chewing, it looks like your dog is brushing its teeth. Thus, the formation of plaque and tartar is significantly minimized. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants play an important role in the improvement of the immune system.

If you are looking for a treatment without a prescription for your dog, Greenies Veterinary Dental Chews Teenie Dental Dog Treats is an ideal choice. Moreover, the VOHC Seal of Acceptance has awarded the ability to fight and control the buildup of tartar and plaque which are the causes of bad breath. In particular, its teeth and gums are also improved. The combination of low-fat content and highly-soluble protein provides for your dog a balanced diet and nutritious diet. The design of the unique shape is also an outstanding feature to clean your dog's teeth (angles meet between every tooth).

For diabetic dogs

What diabetic dogs need are a meat-based diet with the high-fiber and low-fat dog foods. Don't choose products with carbohydrate as the first ingredient. Rather than, it should be the whole protein (the deboned chicken or fish).

Obviously, carbohydrates are the critical components, but all of them are similar. For example, corn isn't a good option.

Avoid foods with the unidentified meat and byproducts as well. These can be something is disgusting for humans but they are nutritious ingredients for your dog, and a diabetic dog shouldn't consume them. Moreover, stay away from the artificial additives which are the artificial colors and flavors to make more appealing. However, these are usually the reasons for allergies and health problems.

You need to provide enough nutrients and supplements without in excess. Vitamin and minerals are 2 first essential things. Besides, to ensure the good health, your dog needs the antioxidant-rich ingredients to perform an immune system properly. Meanwhile, chondroitin and glucosamine supplements support the joints in the best condition always. Besides, the probiotic supplements take responsibility for regulating the digestive system and improving the digestion.

Wellness Core contains a rich source of protein from chicken and turkey for your dog's healthy development. Why you should invest in this product for your diabetic dog is that it doesn't include unhealthy fillers and harmful carbohydrates such as soy and corn especially free of the questionable meat byproducts and artificial additives. The main ingredients are full of probiotics, nutrients, and antioxidants. The combination of sweet potatoes, kale, spinach and other high-fiber ingredients can control the glucose level.

Due to the simple ingredients, this is an ideal choice for any diabetic dogs. In spite of the simplicity, Orijen can still provide a nutritious diet for your dog. Protein from eggs, fish, chicken, and wholesome turnkey is the first ingredient, containing 38% of the recipe. Its carbohydrate ingredient helps your dog keep a low glycemic index, taking up 20% of the formula. In particular, it's grain-free. Also, Orijen is high in fiber from whole pumpkin, spinach, and kale.

ROYAL CANIN is specifically formulated for dogs with the different health problems. It's more suitable for diabetic dogs since this veterinary diet recipe gets an overall low glycemic index and a low level of fat. The complex carbohydrates can make sure the blood sugar levels in check. The sources of some ingredients are fish oil and natural chicken. For example, the Omega fatty acids in fish oil can strengthen the immune system and nourish its skin and coat. The combination of the different fibers can slow down the glucose conversion and improve the digestive problems also.

What foods can damage your dog?

Remember that dogs can't eat everything you give especially "people foods" because the metabolism of human and dog are different. Even some of them cause the health problems and leading to the death. Thus, it's very essential to determine if that food is safe for your dog or not. A few dangerous foods on the list are pretty favorite which may surprise you:


Xylitol is used as a sweetener in kinds of candy, gum, sweetened foods and toothpaste, baked goods. These can cause some health problems such as a life-threatening drop in blood sugar and liver failure. The symptoms of vomiting and lethargy, weakness, coma, difficulty moving, depression, and seizures can appear after 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the time to see the signs of liver failure can be longer within a few days

Apple seeds

For dogs, the natural chemical (amygdalin) in the apple seeds will release cyanide when digesting. Once your dog consumes a big amount of apple seeds, cyanide will flow into the bloodstream and put your dog in the risk of danger. Other symptoms include bright red mucous membranes, hard-to-breath, shock, and death


Providing a large amount of avocado, your dog can appear the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. The persin content in fruit, bark, seed, and leaves is dangerous especially if you let your dog eat avocado seed that will be stuck in its stomach and intestine. This obstruction can cause death.

Alcohol and yeast dough

When it comes to dogs, only a little wine, beer, liquor even food having alcohol ingredient can cause the signs of diarrhea, vomiting, coma, breathing problem even death. The small puppies will have the worst condition after drinking alcohol. Specifically, yeast dough is a kind of food containing alcohol. Allowing your dog to eat this can result in alcohol poisoning.

Furthermore, when consuming, the dough will rise in the stomach of your dog, causing the abdomen stretch and a lot of pain.

Onions and garlic

No matter you use the powdered, dehydrated, or cooked onions and garlic even raw, keep all of them away from your dog since they are the causes of killing the red blood cells that lead to anemia. It's okay with a small dose but consuming a big amount at a time will cause poisoning. You can recognize the symptoms of breathing problems, vomiting, and weakness.

Caffeine (coffee and tea)

Giving your dog caffeine can't make him perkier. It's also a way to lead to the death. Apart from coffee and tea, your dog shouldn't be used beans and grounds and other energy drinks such as cocoa, colas, and chocolate. For dogs, caffeine is considered as painkillers, and cold medicines so take it to the vet immediately when discovering it drinks a little coffee or tea.

Grapes and raisins

These are the cause of the kidney failure in dogs even you just let your dog try a small amount, it can be ill with the symptom of vomiting. After one day, you can see its sluggish and depressed condition.

Milk and other milk-based products

Dogs easily get diarrhea or other digestive problem when consuming dairy products. In the severe cases, your dog can be allergic, leading to itching.

Macadamia nuts

Whether raw or roasted macadamia nuts, your dog can end up illness. Some symptoms will let you know this including its weak back legs, high temperature, vomiting, muscle shakes. In particular, the combination of chocolate and macadamia nuts is the worst thing - the death.

Fat trimming and bones

Regardless of you cook or uncook fat trimmings and bones, they can cause pancreatitis. Or simply your dog chokes on the bone. The worse condition is that these obstruct the digestive system of the dog.

Persimmons, plums, and peaches

The problem comes from the seeds and pits of these types of fruits. Seeds of persimmons cause the small intestine problem even blocking the intestines. Pits of peach and plum also cause the similar condition. The cyanide content gets poisonous to both humans and dogs. You know getting rid of it while dogs don't know that.

Raw eggs, meat, and fish

These contain bacteria (salmonella and E. Coli) leading to poisoning. Specifically, sturgeon, shad, trout, and salmon are a source of the parasite causing disease. This is a treatable case if you take your dog to the vet immediately. How to tell this illness is the symptoms of large lymph nodes, fever, and vomiting. Thus, it's best to cook for killing parasite before feeding your dog.


You shouldn't feed your dog foods which are high in salt such as pretzels or chips. The more salt your dog consumes, the more thirsty it is. A large amount of salt can result in sodium ion poisoning with the following signs vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature, depression, tremors, and seizures. The severe condition is the death.

Medicine of humans

Taking medicine of humans can lead to illness so make sure all your medicine are out of the reach of your dog. Only your vet can write out a prescription for the dog. You can't do that. The acetaminophen and ibuprofen ingredients are common in cold medicine and pain relievers, but they are the cause leading to the death in dogs.

Dog feeding tips

There are many aspects about dog feeding tips. However, you discover these 2 things, your dog will be healthy. Also, don’t forget to check the video below to know if you feed your dog properly:

How much should you feed your dog?

How much you should feed your dog depends on your dog breed. To have a right answer, let you consider the following features: size, age, activity level and the food brand that you are feeding

Different portions for different dogs

Usually, the younger dogs are, the more calories they burn. Thus, the best dog food you choose should be rich in protein and fat content. Meanwhile, the older dogs need fewer calories to maintain the good health. Below is a guideline for portions at the different stages of the dog life:


After the first 3-4 weeks of age, puppies are recommended to use solid food. Within the first 8 weeks, they are weaned from the milk of their mother entirely, so, to make sure a healthy development, you need to provide a diet that is richer in protein as well as other nutrients. For example, on the market, there are several commercial dog food brands which are formulated for puppies.

The food requirement of puppies is to have at least 3 meals per day: morning, afternoon and evening. If your puppy is 5-6 months of age, you can decrease 2 times per day.


  • Some finicky puppies need you pour a little lukewarm water into the dry food to eat more natural.
  • Remember that don't let your dog eat more than what it should because it can lead to obesity, bone abnormalities, and some other health problems.

After one year, your dog may be a mature dog so providing enough nutrients is very essential. A healthy adult dog will have a stable weight, the well-proportioned body, an observable waist. Ensure your dog isn't obese by putting your fingertips under the ribs and you can feel that there is only a thin layer of fat.

Like puppies, you had better select a commercial product formulated for adults. From the features above, you adjust the diet of your dog logically.


The energy requirement of the older dogs reduces so you shouldn’t feed the same amount as the adult dogs. In this case, purchase the best dog food with the reduced calories, but the essential nutrients must be enough.

What's the best way to transition to new dog food?

When switching another the best dog food, you have to keep in mind to do that gradually to steer clear of causing the tummy trouble and digestive upset. What you need to do is to reduce your dog's current food and increase the amount of new dog food little by little within 7 days


Choosing the best dog food is very important to keep your dog healthy and happy. To know which food is the best for your dog, you have to determine many aspects: your dog breed, size, age, and its health problems. Hope my ultimate dog food guide can support you take care of the dog in the best way. In case you have any question, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Also, share to help your loved ones.

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