8 Surprising Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs

Pacing, destructive behavior, whining/crying are all classic signs that your pup is experiencing anxiety. However, all dogs are different, and while many show at least one of these signs when suffering from anxiety, that’s not always the case. As well, these are more notable and extreme reactions, often your furball will show lessor less obvious signs first, and catching it early is the first step to effective treatment.

Lip licking is tricky because for many dogs it’s a sign of hunger, or in the case of my pup, it means he’s about to get sick. There is one pretty easy way to tell the difference though. Usually, when they lick their lips for food, it’s slow and irregular. Think about how you lick your lips when that savory steak hits your dinner table.

If they are experiencing anxiety, the licking will look more like they are rapidly flicking their tongue.

Physical Tension and Pulling Away:

We often confuse this one with the dog just being stubborn, but they are stubborn for a reason. Often they are scared, and other signs will follow such as their ears pinning back or their face tightening.

Tail Wagging:

You’ve probably noticed this one whenever you’ve scolded your dog. Dogs just don’t wag their tails when they are happy. Like lip licking, this can be tricky, so as always look for other signs.

However, you can check the height the pup is holding their tail to diagnosed. A tail held at mid-height indicates a happy pup, held low indicates that they are submissive and afraid. Last, if the tail is held high, then this indicates aggression and that your pup is on alert.


Like humans, dogs are social creatures, well compared to us they are social creatures on steroids. Dogs love people especially their owners and pet sitter and often other dogs, and will want to be around them constantly. After all, it’s more common for a pup to follow their owner around everywhere then to never bother them. That’s why if you see your dog avoiding you or others, it’s a sure sign something is up.


Yawning is a common indication of anxiety, and it’s frequently seen in people as well. I’m sure you’ve met someone that yawns a lot, I know I have. It’s kinda hard not to notice after you starting yawning too. Brief yawning may just mean boredom, but if it’s frequent or if by the same token comes to an abrupt stop, then something may just be up.

P.S. Have you yawned yet?

Submission/rolling over:

Rolling over is usually a sign of submission. Of course, it’s fine to give belly rubs and normal to see them rolling over, but it’s still a submissive behavior nonetheless. So this is tricky as well, because while they may love belly rubs, they may also roll over due to fear and anxiety. Assess the situation and look for other signs to judge their comfort levels like this next one.

Blinking and Crescent Moon Eyes:

Blinking in dogs is often seen as a nervous tick, and again people will do the same. We blink rapidly to disassociate ourselves from the visual component of the threat. As well, wide open eyes where you can see the white of their eyes - commonly compared to looking like a crescent moon - is a sure sign. As well, you’ll probably notice their ears are back, and their face is tight.

Not Eating:

Dogs love food, don’t they? So when they aren’t eating something is probably up. Now, often no appetite will stem from other issues, but one way you can tell if it’s anxiety-related is if the eating all of a sudden stops.

Now, if you notice that they wake up one day and won’t eat their breakfast or slowly eat it, then it’s possible that it is another issue, and you will need to address it immediately as it could be a serious medical issue.

How We Can Help With CBD Oil:

Antidepressant and sedatives are the two main types of anxiety meds for dogs, and this worries a lot of owners. They ask whether their dog needs it or not and you’re not alone. We ask ourselves all the time whether we should take certain medications, and we can feel our anxiety. Our poor pups can’t even communicate their stress.

I’m sure you’ve heard about medical marijuana for anxiety, but have you heard about CBD oil for anxiety? Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is medical marijuana without the high! This is because it’s taken from legal hemp plants that contain no THC - the psychotropic molecule that gets you stoned.

While THC delivers some therapeutic benefits, it’s bad for others, such as anxiety. But wait! Isn’t marijuana good for anxiety? If it’s high in CBD, it is. CBD has a counteractive effect on many negative side effects that come from THC, such as THC’s ability to induce anxiety.

With CBD oil there is no THC to worry about, so it can focus all its great therapeutic anti-anxiety on you and your dog. That’s right it’s safe for both of you to take! Often owners end up taking CBD oil after they see how well it works for their dog and vice versa

Answering all your questions and more:
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