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Can Dogs Eat Ice Cubes? Don’t Believe In Rumor

When it comes to dog food, what is in your mind first in summer season? You may think about something which can help your furry companions bear the unbearable temperature. In place of swimming and relaxing in the shade, today, I want to mention to is ice cubes. Like humans, dogs have the same demand after doing exercise (30 walking minutes) on one day of summer. Allowing your dog to eat or lick a few ice cubes can re-hydrate adequately but can dogs eat ice cubes? Are they safe for dogs?

Hydration is essential and important obviously, but safety should be the top concern. In spite of only a rumor, that scary one is the risk of feeding your dogs and puppies ice cubes. Let debunk the myths surrounding ice cubes for dogs

Dogs tend to love ice. However, have you ever wondered that why they like this kind of food? That's because dogs don't sweat. On the hot days, they just can cool down by panting or using their paw pads. Eating ice cubes is an external method to bring its body temperature down easily and quickly.

In particular, the dog lovers of chewing also like ice cubes. However, you need to pay attention that ice is hard so it can chip and fracture your dog's teeth. If your dog is teething, ice cubes are an excellent way to minimize the pain. Even some dogs love playing with ice cubes simply, sliding them on the floor, for example. In this case, you should let it play outside, in the yard or garden to steer clear of causing a mess. This video is a puppy and ice cubes compilation:

Can dogs eat ice cubes?

The short answer is yes. If feeding your dog ice cubes, it can cool down quickly even keeping it away from overheating.

You can feed your dog ice cubes as well as ice water because it isn't dangerous to dogs. However, it just can be safe if you crush up, shave the ice cubes into the small pieces and make ice chips. That's because the original ice cubes can stick the tongue of your dog. Even swallowing ice cubes, unfortunately, can cause choking.

How can dogs eat ice cubes or drink ice water?

You can turn these boring ice cubes into many kinds of delectable icy treats like amazing slushies with the different flavors: pumpkin, cheeseburger, and PB&J. Secondly, it's best to make frozen treats from ice cubes for your dog like yogurt and dog ice cream which have a lower risk of the dental problems. To encourage your dog drink water more, add small pieces of ice cubes into its water bowl.

Many of owners use ice cubes to treat heatstroke of the dog as a way to avoid bringing it to vet. However, please don't try to do that because the high opportunity is that you take it to the vet sooner. The worse case is to end up the failure of organ and death.

Rather than, you should use a fan to maximize evaporative cooling or putting it on the cool floor is also an excellent method. You just need to cool to 103 degrees Fahrenheit since if you perform this process too fast, it's straightforward to shock even organ failure.

How much Ice can I give my dog?

After knowing the answer to the question “can dogs eat ice cubes?” You also need the explanation for “how much ice can I give my dog?” What I want to answer is moderation. There are some notes you need to remember. First, if you train your dog to eat, drink, or lick ice every day, it can show its behavioral problems when you don't feed it ice anymore. Also, keep in mind letting it drink too much and too fast can lead to vomit.

Note: bloat in dogs:

Ice cubes causing bloat is a wrong opinion. Eating, licking or drinking ice can't end up bloat. This case just happens when your dog consumes or only drinks water too fast. When dogs in the hot or overheating condition - they are dehydrated, it's very easy for them to swallow a big amount air at the same time.

Which certain dog breeds are objects of ice cubes?

You want to give young dogs, teething, ice cubes to soothe aching gums, right? Unluckily, puppies are not objects of ice cubes because their bodies haven’t developed strong enough to deal with extreme coldness. Therefore, I just highly recommend for adult dogs

What do you think?

In the end, I want to repeat all information the last time. Can dogs eat ice cubes? Yes. Ice brings many different advantages for adult dogs. However, you must feed it ice cubes properly. If not, there may be a few serious health problems even leading death. Remember to crush them into the small pieces of ice cubes then add water to its water bowl. In the early period, you just should feed a small amount.

Hope this is a useful article and give you information which you are looking for. Please let me know your idea in the comment section below

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