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How Much Do Puppies Sleep At 8 Weeks: The Basic Knowledge Every Owner Should Know

All of the benefits of taking an 8-week puppy home only come apparent once you can tackle properly its basic daily demands such as eating, drinking, playing, eliminating especially its bedtime routine unless it will also meet the similar problems to a 6-week puppy separated mother. When it comes to this, I got you covered the rest of this post to know how much do puppies sleep at 8 weeks? As a bonus, aside from its sleeping, you will be explored other important information and elements like tips for helping your puppy sleep.

Just remember that puppies are in need of sleeping more than humans. How much can you think? In particular, the younger puppy is, the more it needs to sleep. Generally, the bedtime routine of a puppy is made up 90% of every 24 hours. Have you wondered about the rest of its 10%? It is used for the day nursing. Specifically, an 8-week puppy needs a sleep around 14 to 16 hours every day.

Why does your 8-week puppy need so much sleep?

While sleeping, it's the most precious time for your puppy to develop its own brain and central nervous system. Moreover, that's also an important period of snoozing tones and development of its bones and muscles.

After a sleep, the immune system of your puppy will function as well as possible. On the contrary, if you try to wake your puppy while it is in sleep, the high likelihood is that you will have trouble tackling a cranky and destructive puppy even the high hazard of illness and infections.

How can help your puppy get a sleep?

Not all puppies are aware of when is their bedtime because they don't usually pay attention their internal nap alarm clock. Thus, your task is to help your puppy get a sleep it needs following the tips below:

Create a friendly sleeping environment:

Some external conditions that include lighting, sounds of other pets, children and noises from your housework will make a sleep-unfriendly atmosphere for your puppy. So how do you create a paradise for its sleep? Regardless of where you will put the best memory foam dog bed of your puppy, make sure that space is comfortable, relaxing and drifting off.

The best way is to try to reduce the brightness and noises as low as possible to guarantee his sleep without disruption. If where it sleeps comes with sources of lighting such as street lights or sunlight, consider blackout shades.

Furthermore, the considerations of temperature and season of the year are also very important. Consider these before allowing it to sleep on a soft blanket to curl up or a cool surface. Put the crate of your puppy close by where you sleep. This helps you know when it wakes up at night to take care of it.

Experiment and adjust a proper bedtime routine:

The prediction of the sleeping pattern of your puppy may experiment and make a few mistakes. For example, if you would like to change its bedtime routine having more time to rest, allow it sleep sooner than usual. In the morning, going for a stroll to expose it to sunlight is a useful and simple way to signal when it's time to sleep and wake up.

Help your puppy burn off excess energy by doing exercise:

The quote "a tired puppy is good puppy" is right. Doing exercise not only keeps your puppy healthy but also helps it sleep well. You should stimulate the mind and body of your puppy by interactive games or age-appropriate activities even going out for entertainment.

In case, you let your puppy alone in a while, provide its favorite toys or food puzzles. To guarantee, it's perfect to hire a pet sitter for play sessions. However, avoid playing intense games and exciting activities with your puppy before sleeping about half an hour

Manage hydration for your puppy:

Be sure to give your puppy a small amount of water before an hour of bedtime. If its bladder doesn't empty, the high opportunity is that you have to have the responsibility for it cleaning where it sleep or wake up at midnight.

Give it something to chew on:

Most of the dogs love chewing. It is helpful in both its teething process and its sleep. Normally, something to chew had better be a biscuit or edible chew. But, it's also ideal to take the options of bone or dog toy which doesn't come with squeaker. As a bonus, if your puppy wakes up earlier than you, its toy or bone will keep it entertained in quietness. Have a quick look below to know more ways to train your puppy to go to its bed.


How much do puppies sleep at 8 weeks? In general, a puppy 8 weeks old needs to sleep around 14-16 hours per day. The reason for sleeping too much is because that is an important period of development of the brain, central nervous system, the immune system, its bones, and muscles. If it isn’t provided a good sleep, it may turn into a cranky and destructive puppy with illness and infections.

To help your puppy get a good sleep, below, I will mention all one more time briefly:

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    Make friendly sleeping environment without external elements
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    Experiment and adjust proper bedtime routine of your own puppy
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    Help your puppy burn off excess energy by doing exercise and playing some exciting activities
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    Manage hydration for your puppy to make sure it doesn't pee at night
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    Give it something to chew on such as biscuit, edible chew, bone, or toy without squeaker

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