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Travel With Your Dog: How To Get A Fun Trip Together

Typically, when most of the owners would like to travel, they will leave their dog at home with a pet sitter. However, if you want to travel with your dog regardless of how large it is, it's better to have a thoughtful plan. If not or you do with no patience, carrying the dog just ruins your own trip.

I write this article so that both you and your furry companion have a trip as happy and comfortable as possible.

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Whether your dog stays at home or travel anywhere, emergencies can happen. Thus, you have to deal with these cases by preparing all essential items as follows:

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    Leash and collar: your dog needs an identification especially when traveling. Let you wear a collar with a tag including the address, your phone number, and other contact information. Pay attention to choose a flat collar without choking.
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    First Aid Kit: no matter how careful you prepare and plan, accidents can happen anytime so never leave first aid kit at home.
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    Grooming supplies: fur of your dog is essential to take care of because it can influence the dog's health.
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    Water and dog foods: like humans, your dog may feel hungry before arriving the tourist destination, so water and food are indispensable.
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    Treats, dog toys: apart from what you say with your dog and body language, these will help your dog calm down during the trip.
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    Dog bowls: these contain water and your dog foods
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    Dog bed, blanket or your t-shirt: one of them can keep the body of your dog warm and comfortable during the trip. That's because some planes are installed floor air conditioners.
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    Bags: these help you deal with your dog's waste
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    Kinds of medications: no matter what drug you want to take your dog, you must ask advice of your vet in advance. Some types may negatively influence your dog's health such as breathing and unsteadiness.
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    Medical records and health certificate of your dog: most of the airlines require these. However, if they don't call for one specifically, you also take it with you. Just be safe, but in an essential case, it will let you know what shots and vaccinations your dog has got.
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    DryFur pad: regardless of how well you train your dog poop and pee, a DryFur pad can minimize the mess. In particular, it's effective if you put the carrier in a high-stress environment. Lining DryFur pad in carrier keeps not only your dog comfortable but away from moisture as well.
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    Kennel or carrier: when it comes to the carrier, it must be big enough so that your dog can freely stand, sit, lie down even turn around. The majority of airlines just allow firm plastic crate with a wired door especially there must be air ventilation holes on the top of the half. Moreover, it's better if you buy a product which comes with extra pockets on the sides to hold books or magazines

Make a detailed plan:

Crate your dog:

For humans, we don't want to be crated obviously. However, the feeling of dog is different with us that they don't mind about this issue even some of them feel better and safer in there.

Just pay attention that before letting it inside, you must be sure that the crate is free of something's dangerous. Leashes and collars, for example, are the strangling hazards.

Furthermore, the way to let your dog inside is also significant. You always have to keep a positive source of energy. The crate is not a prison. First, open the door and let it itself go into the crate slowly in place of shoving. You just should close the door, take the model and move if you feel the dog comfortable and safe inside. Don't make your dog anxious by a sad voice like "don't be worried, I will come back soon."

If you want everything in the next time is easier, it's better to come back within 15 minutes. Remember to open the door so that it comes out when needing.

How to get there:

By plane:

Actually, plane is not a good traveling form for dogs because most of the airlines consider dogs as cargo which can't bring comfort for them. However, you can still choose this option if you are the owner of a small dog. In some airlines, you are allowed to bring a carrier which suits the seat in front of you.

Nowadays, many entrepreneur lovers of pet have invested in pet-friendly airlines with affordable price. Pet Airways is an example which just allows pet without human passengers. Your dog will be in the main cabin in place of cargo. You can choose this option for your trip with the dog if you love traveling by plane.

Generally, each airline has its own rules, so you had better call to learn the detailed information for a thoughtful arrangement before your trip. For instance, most of the airlines require proof of vaccinations and health certifications.

By car:

Cars are the best as well as the most popular vehicle to travel with your dog. If you have one at home, maybe there are many times you use it to take your dog to its vet or the park. In case you don't do that in the past, let begin now. For anxiety dog in cars, you have to familiarize your dog with positive driving experiences as much as possible before traveling.

In case you just use your car to take the dog to its vet, the high opportunity is that it is worried to be in that car during the trip. Thus, before anything else, it's better to make the short and regular rides to a pleasant place. For example, they include park for walking, or a dog supply shop where it is received a toy or treat. Don't forget to get some advice from your vet about anti-anxiety medications.

Below are some notes you have to keep in mind if applying this method:

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    To protect your dog away from car sickness, let it on an empty stomach but a lot of water all the time.
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    Don't allow the dog sticks its head out of the window which may end up an eye injury. Rather than, let it with the crate in the back seat, and it's best to use a harness accessory for a seat buckle.
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    To have a convenient trip, make sure a proper ventilation in its crate as long as the fresh air can flow inside.
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    Never let your dog in the back of an open truck without overseeing because it can lead to severe injuries even death
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    Prepare a few essential tools such as travel paper, rubberized floor liners and waterproof seat covers... They can prevent a mess and deal with what your dog leaves after peeing and pooping.

By train, bus, and boat:

Unfortunately, these are not the ideal traveling forms. For example, Amtrak trains, Greyhound buses, and other interstate bus companies don't permit dogs. However, the OE2 cruiser (from New York to England/ France) has some special services for your dog from lodging to free meals. Keep in mind to check the ship or cruise line's policies in advance your trip with the dog.

Where to stay:


If the hotel is your choice, you should learn what amenities are available at the selected hotel and its price. Obviously, it's so great to use a pet-friendly hotel that welcomes your pet, not only "allow." For example, a good place will provide some specialized services for your dog such as turndown service, dog spa service, dog daycare, and dog bed. However, the more services are available, the more money you have to pay.


In spite of not a wise option, camping is an ideal method for you and your dog to have a fun period together while enjoying the nature. Therefore, before anything else, check whether or not the selected campground, state, or national park allows dogs.

Tips to make everything easier:

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    If you want to calm your dog, one of the active ways is to rub a bit lavender oil between your hands. Giving it aromatherapy can massage its deep tissue, the spine, and mind of your dog.
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    When it comes to traveling by plane, unfortunately, I have to say that its price is pretty high. Although the price of the airlines varies, the cost of an airline just one way can get up to $100.

Travel with your dog at destination:

A dog is the most exciting companion in your trip, knowing listening attentively and keeping silent. However, it only leads to this result when you have a thoughtful plan. That includes what items your dog will need to use to how to crate your dog, where to stay and how to get to the destination. Performing all these steps, both of you will have a perfect trip.

Is my post informative? Can it help you plan a fun trip to travel with your dog? Please let me know by a helpful comment below. Also, don't forget to share with your loved ones.

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